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Hotel Strandparken is in the beautiful and historic Holbæk park which is right by Holbæk fjord. The first part of the hotel was built in 1899 and is known through generations as a place to celebrate holidays and was used by the nearby companies for board meetings, general assemblies and other. In 2006 the hotel became renovated and now it is a modern conference hotel with 68 rooms and state of the art meeting facilities with room for more than 300 people. In November 2016 the hotel expanded with 36 new rooms with their own minibar, flat screen tv and Wi-Fi. The restaurant was renewed with a delicious a la carte menu card and different menus with a goal to use fresh local products. There are a lot of outdoor activities there can be done in the nearby park and there is a beautiful trail to our famous Turkish bath where body and mind can relax. 
Our Kitchen is Danish/French inspired and uses fresh local products. All our products are made from scratch.
It is important that you like a busy environment and likes to offer a helping hand to your colleagues no matter your different areas of expertise. We offer you an informal workplace where everyone works with responsible freedom.   
We do the work plan for 6 weeks ahead and will of cause try to be flexible and listen if you have plans and wants to have some days of. Your salary will be set after qualifications and/or by agreements.
If needed, we can help you find a place to live.

Contact: Stine Sommer Gejel Knudsen,
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Evt. besked:
Hotel Strandparken
Kalundborgvej 58
4300 Holbæk
tlf. +45 59 43 06 16
CVR: 29203466

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